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Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) selects AFRA to evaluate products to replace their legacy HRMS system

March 3, 2003 –Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Ltd. has selected AFRA to assist their HR and Payroll departments to find an effective HRMS product to replace their legacy payroll system. Under this agreement, AFRA will help JNBS evaluate the available mid-tier HRMS products, participate in the selection, and guide the implementation of the selected product.

AFRA will start the user requirements phase of this project in the 2nd quarter and plans to complete the vendor selection sometime in September 2003. The selected system is expected to support HR, benefits and Payroll functions for JNBS, and its subsidiaries in six (3) Caribbean Inlands, Canada, UK, and the United States. The selected system will enable JNBS to achieve more measurable business results through elimination of manual processes, employee and manager self-service, enhanced training administration and overall improvements in workforce performance.

JNBS’s decision to select AFRA was simple. AFRA is known for its ability to consistently deliver high-quality Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll systems in the US as well as the Caribbean Islands. JNBS's decision was helped by the fact that AFRA successfully took over and completed the implementation of a challenging HRMS project at Cable & Wireless, Jamaica within a period of 4 months.

About AFRA

AFRA is a California based corporation known for its expertise, innovation, speed of delivery and affordability in delivering HR, Payroll, and Benefits solutions to clients. We add value to our clients businesses.

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About JNBS Group.

The JNBS Group is the premier provider of financial and mortgage services in Jamaica. JNBS is the institution of choice in Jamaica, offering a full range of carefully designed and individually suited savings and mortgage products as well as other personal financial services that satisfy their clients’ need. The Group's image of excellence, trustworthiness, and high standards are clearly etched in their philosophy and values. This is reflected in the treatment of customers, members and the community stakeholders.

JNBS has 23 branches in Jamaica, with additional offices in Cayman, Toronto, Florida, New York, London, Birmingham and Brixton.

Visit JNBS at
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